How to Watch Anime Online? | Top 10 Free Anime Sites [2021]

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top 10 sites to watch anime online for free 

If you read this article, it means that you are an anime amateur, just like me. The success of the manga-anime industry is due to all the Japanese artists who knew how to exploit all the tremendous possibilities, both by their own culture and by Western cultures and inventions. The Japanese understood that cartoons can do more and that they should not just entertain children. If you are looking for where to watch anime online free, then you got to check out this post!


Part 1: Introduction on How to Watch Anime Online


Manga and anime explore the limits of space, time and, at the same time, meditate on the human condition. Due to this complexity with which Japanese artists have juggled the manga-anime industry, it has become a global phenomenon in the 21st century, surpassing the American comics industry. I bet that everybody watch anime online from time to time.


I myself dig for sites that allows me to watch anime online for free, so in this article you will find a list of top 10 watch anime online websites where to watch anime online without any subscriptions.


Part 2: Where Can I Watch Anime Online for Free?


Everywhere. First you need to be careful. You can watch anime online on many streaming sites but some of them are malware free. And, of course, if you want to watch anime online for free, sometimes you have to endure a few ads. So, don't forget to use an ad-blocker. Here is the top 10 list of watch anime online websites where you can watch anime online for free.


Part 3: Best Websites to Watch Anime Online for Free


#1. Kissanime


Watch any anime online for free on this very best platform. It has good reviews and it is accessible to mobile devices besides PCs. Kissanime has many filters to search the desired series and the content available is in high definition. You will see that the content is arranged in alphabetical order and you can also search content by genres like adventure, comedy, fantasy and so on. A wide variety of anime episodes awaits you, so you can start watch anime online for free.




If you are looking to watch anime in online but without being stressed by a tornado of ads, then this site is like a gold mine. You can watch series without being interrupted by ads before playing. The best part is that you can watch anime online and free at a high quality of 1080p. You can watch dubbed anime online free. The site design is very elegant and you can change it into a brighter mode. It is very well structured, there are many filters in order to find easily what you want to watch. You can even consult a calendar with the new releases.




Here you can watch anime online and free, without worrying about geographical restrictions. This website is well organized and have a great collection of anime. You can browse by genre or you can see what are the popular anime or the latest. All series have subtitles in English and the quality of videos reach 720p. You can opt to watch dubbed anime online free. Not all of anime are dubbed but there are plenty, listed on 5 pages. Also, if you make an account you can download your favorite series.



#4. Animeland


Where to watch dubbed anime online free? Well, this site is the biggest anime dubbed site and the source quality is 480p to 1080p High Definition. The interface is oldschool, not so friendly but the dubbed anime list is really impressive. If the other sites do not allow you to download your favorite anime without registering, this site is your friend. You can watch anime online for free English dubbed or download episodes for free, also.



#5. Animeheaven


This site has a minimalist design but with a huge collection of anime. You can watch anime online and free, dubbed or subbed, at your choice. All series are at the highest quality format. Anime series are nicely arranged within categories and you can download whatever you want, without any restrictions.



#6. Animefreak


This is yet another top website to watch anime online. It has thousands anime episodes, including the popular ones like Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Naruto. Users will be entertain to a greater extent because they can watch dubbed anime online free. Users can navigate through different categories, like generes, lastest episodes, popular anime and so on. You can watch classic and latest anime movies without limitation.



#7. Animefrenzy


This is another great place where you can watch anime online for free. Animefrenzy is perfect because you can watch anime online without being interrupted by many ads. Of course, while watching an episode, no add appear. On this platform, you can also watch dubbed anime online for free. This site delights its users too with a wide range of anime. It provide filters such as language (English, Chinese, Japanese), year, genere, status and type. The platform is connected to social platform in order to share your favorite anime.



#8 . Chia-anime


This is also an anime website worth your attention. It is guaranteed to get almost every type of anime series. You can watch anime online for free, even if the site features like download anime soundtracks or manga, once valid, doesn't work. But, you can watch via mobile, download your episode in M4 video format. Before watch an anime online on this site, you will notice that each series is described in detail such as aired & premiered date, duration, rating, number of episodes and so on.



#9. Animetoon


AnimeToon is another steaming platform you need to consider. Users can watch anime online for free and besides that they can delight themselfs by reading comics. They can watch dubbed anime online free and popular cartoons also. Developers did not focus on a fresh design but the purpose of the site is fulfilled: a place where users can watch anime online and free.



#10. AnimeDao


If you are still looking where to watch anime online and free, then you can use this platform. With a clean design, this site offer some filters to search among many types of anime at a high quality. Ads are few, so you can watch anime movies online in peace. It has an extensive catalog of anime collections that can satisfy any anime amateur.



Part 4: Best Anime Video Player: DVDFab Player 6


dvdfab player 6


If you don`t want to watch anime online but offline then you need to consider a good player that plays all multimedia files on your local hard drives. If you downloaded your favorite series from the sites mentioned above or if you have a collection of anime DVDs or Blu-rays, then you need an all-in-one player. It is mandatory to have a good player software.


It's time to move away from classical players because although they are functional, they are overtaken by new technologies and modern players that offer much more features, in order to have both an exceptional visual experience from a technical point of view.


DVDFab Player 6 it is more than a simple player. If you don`t want to watch anime online or if you don`t have this possibility because of a low Wi-Fi connection, then this is the right tool for watching videos. For example, VLC it is a good player but sometimes it lags when streaming an high-end Blu-ray.



Best Feature 1: Organize & Manage Local Media Library by Poster Wall


DVDFab Player 6 plays all the multimedia files from local hard drives and external ones. The best part is that this player organize & manage your local media library by Poster Wall, which makes it one of the best media managers you'd wish to have. It download the posters for all your media files from internet and then divide them intro groups accordinly. Practically, in this case, it sorts all anime episodes according to the corresponding images. This way it is easy for you to recognize them.

poster wall


Best Feature 2: Preview the Anime Episodes/Series


Also, if you want to preview your anime episodes/series you can do that very easily. You are able to see thumbnails with adjustable time intervals and quantity.

anime episodes


Best Feature 3: Playlist Creation for TV or PC Mode


Other two great features are that you can create your own playlist and it has PC and TV Playback modes optimized for small or huge screens. The player interface it has an elegant design, it is not visually loaded and it is very intuitive. As for the technical part, DVDFab Player 6 it is an all-inclusive playback support for Blu-Ray, DVD and other media files. It supports all media formats from VOB, MOV, MP4, MKVwith any type of codecs and resolutions 720p, 1080p up to 4K UHD.



Part 5: Conclusion


Voila! Today's top 10 list of anime streaming websites where you can watch anime online for free ends here. We hope that it was useful. No matter what your favorite site is for watching anime online, sometimes you want to watch anime offline. Therefore, we presented a great player in order to do that, in addition to those you know. I guess that now it`s time to try or watch anime online on websites mentioned here. Enjoy!



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