Table of Contents

Part 1: What is VLC Media Player? 

Part 2: How to Use VLC Media Player? 

Part 3: Best Video Player alternative to VLC Player:DVDFab Player 6!


While VLC Media Player has been one of the most popular digital media players on Windows and other operating systems since long, are you looking for the best alternative to VLC Media Player? There are several features that we would need to consider when picking the best alternative to VLC Media Player. 


What is VLC Media Player? 


As every Windows user should be aware of, VLC Media Player is a free and open source media player that offers a streamlined performance and cross-platform performance. Apart from being a free media player, it boasts of several other features that include huge format support, ad-free interface and an online video streaming. 

However, you may face a few issues occasionally that may include sudden crashes, a complicated design, and a few occasional issues in playing larger files. That is perhaps what makes you look for the best alternative to VLC Media Player. 


How to Use VLC Media Player? 


Well, having understood what is VLC Media Player, you will find that it offers a truly intuitive user interface. One of the strongest features you would find on it would include its ability to play just about any media file from any source. It does not need to have access to additional codecs as the media player supports almost all major codecs and media formats. 

In addition to the best playback quality, it supports the third-party plugins for enhancing the performance further. 


Here is how to use VLC Media Player:


  • Download and Install: You can find it on any platform. Just head over to the official website and download the version for your version of the operating system. You need not change any of the default options and settings and installation should complete simply enough. You can choose components as per your preferences. 


  • Load a file: The interface offered by VLC Media Player is simple and self-explanatory. You can just drag and drop a file into the interface and get your file playing. You also have an option to load a disc and play your files. 


  • Adjust the video and audio parameters: VLC Media Player provides a great control over the file you are playing. The graphic equaliser and the filtering options for audio and video parameters should be one of the excellent options worthy of mentioning. 


  • Synchronise audio and video: The audio – video sync is one of the thoughtful inclusions which can help you resolve the issues of out of sync audio and video. 


  • Adding subtitles: VLC lets you add subtitles to your files. That can be a great option as it can help you understand a foreign video. The player lets you download subtitles from within the player settings. 


While that was just an overview of how to use VLC Media Player, you can get a full fledged experience by using the actual player. 


Best Video Player alternative to VLC Player:DVDFab Player 6!


If you are not content with VLC Media Player for some reason or the other, DVDFab Player 6 should be your best bet for the perfect and best Video Player alternative to VLC Player. DVDFab Player 6 is touted to be the world’s best 4K UHD Media Player. 


You can pick two different options for the video quality in terms of Standard and Ultra. You can pick the best option based on your individual requirements. The Ultra Mode offers you the compatibility to play 3D playback and 3D media contents. 


A few of the features that make it a great choice can include 


An easy organisation and management of your multimedia files 


If you have tons of movies and TV shows on your computer hard drive, managing and organising them would be a tough task. DVDFab Player 6 should be your best bet to address your concern and assist you organise your videos in an easy to understand manner. The player scrapes the posters for your media files and arranges them in an easy to understand option. 


DVDfab player 6

Navigation menu on practically all devices


Navigation menu is what would help you get the best experience in playback control. It offers an all round support for navigation for almost all the discs that include DVDs, Blu-rays, and the new-generation 4K Ultra Blu-rays. 


dvdfab player 6

Manage your Local Music Library 


It can collect a wide range of music files saved on your hard drive and organise your files with ease. You can create local music library for an easier manoeuvring. Finding your favourite songs, albums and artists would rather be a simple and easy option. 


dvdfab player 6

High-Resolution audio output 


If you have home theatre with the latest technology, DVDFab Player 6 offers you access to lossless audio clarity with support for high resolution audio support. It offers you access to Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X. You can get access to up to 7.1 channel surround sound output. 


Support for a wide range of media files 


You can experience an all-inclusive playback support for 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, HEVC and Other Media Files. You have access to several formats that include MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, M2TS, different  codecs such as H.264, H.265 (HEVC), WMV, etc., and resolutions, 720p, 1080p, and way up to 4K UHD. It has been rated to be the best 4K video player. 


DVDfab player 6


Support for 3D Playback 


It offers you an all round 3D playback compatibility for offering genuine 3D Blu-ray discs, ISO files and SBS (side-by-side) or top & bottom 3D videos. You have access to several 3D output modes viz Anaglyph Red/Cyan, 3D-Ready HDTV (Checkerboard), Micro-polarizer LCD 3D (Row-interleaved) and HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV. 


DVDfab player 6


Optimised video support for different screen options


With support for PC and TV modes, you will find distinctive design for distinctive screens. The PC mode is optimised for providing immersive movie viewing experience on computer screens. The TV mode, on the other hand is dedicated to provide you cinema like audio visual experience. 


Play DVD, Blu-ray or even 4K UHD with PC or TV Mode!


Having understood how effective DVDFab Player 6 can be for enhancing your movie viewing experience, let us check out how you can play a DVD or other types of content on a Player 6. 


Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab Player 6


You can install DVDFab Player 6 from the official website. Once launched pick the PC Mode or TV Mode as per your preferences. For the sake of this tutorials, we will pick PC Mode. 


dvdfab player 6


Step 2: Insert your DVD


Insert your DVD in your optical drive and wait till the software detects your DVD. 


dvdfab player 6


Step 3: Play your DVD


Click on the disc detected by your software and you should find that the Player 6 begins playing the video. You can control the playback through several controls. Rewind, forward and playback options along with other basic controls would make it rather easy to play your videos. 


What Makes DVDFab Player 6 the Best Video Player Alternative to VLC Player


Having checked out the best features and functionality of Player 6, how about comparing VLC Media Player with DVDFab Player6? What makes it the best alternative to VLC Player? The features here should help you understand that better. 

Features  DVDFab Player 6 VLC Media Player 
4K video player and UHD Compatibility  Full-fledged support  Limited support 
3D Content  Can play 3D Content in multiple formats  No 3D compatibility 
Playback modes 

TV and PC Modes 

Optimised for different displays 

Limited to computer
High-end audio  HDR10 and HD audio output support Not much support 
DVD file import  Can import DVD into local library  Not much DVD support 
Navigation menu Complete navigation menu support on DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays Limited support 


The Concluding Thoughts


VLC Media Player is one of the prime options for playing almost all your media files and it offers you an excellent option for a universal media player. However, if you are checking out an advanced option in your needs for an improved video playing experience, DVDFab Player 6 can be a huge alternative with the best 4K video player compatibility. You can find several features on Player 6 that VLC Media Player does not support. 

Check out the free options offered by the DVDFab Player 6 and then you can decide if you want to upgrade to the paid version. It can indeed double up as an excellent option for the best alternative to VLC Player with a huge number of advanced features.