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1. What is a VOB File?
2. Top 10 VOB Players
3. How To Play VOB Files On Mobile Phones
4. Summary:


Most people would go-ahead to convert VOB file to mp4 because they do not have a VOB player to playback the file, but there’s a way out if you don’t wish to convert the file. When you see a file with VOB extension, it means that the file was gotten from a DVD disc. VOB files can contain quite a lot of info, and as such, they should be handled with care. 


Are you stuck with a VOB file and looking for how you can play it back? Well, with some specific media players, you can playback VOB files on Windows, Mac, and Linux distros. But then, let’s understand the VOB file extension format.


What is a VOB File?

VOB (Video Object) is a digital format gotten from DVD discs. It is usually found in the Video_TS folder when you copy a DVD to your PC. A VOB file can contain digital video, audio, subtitles, DVD menus, and even navigation contents. It is a vital file that should be treated with care. 

However, unlike most other media formats, it could be a bit difficult to get a player that would playback VOB files. Hence, here’s a detailing list of the top best VOB file players for all computer OSes (Windows, Linux, & Mac).


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Top 10 VOB Players


1. DVDFab Player 6 (Windows and Mac)

dvdfab player 6 vob copy
DVDFab Player 6 is a professional video player that supports various formats, including Video_TS and VOB. It features an intuitive interface that anyone can easily navigate. Interestingly, DVDFab Player 6 reads VOB files perfectly so that you can enjoy the content it packs. More so, DVDFab Player 6 is an extensive media player – it goes on to support an all-new library where you can manage your media files from various sources.


The interface offered by DVDFab Player 6 provides users with a bunch of personalization features. Also, DVDFab Player 6 supports hi-tech audio algorithms and h265 playback, which powers it to deliver crisp sound (up to 7.1 surround sound quality). 3D and 4K videos can play on this software player; arguably, you won’t find a better VOB player out there.


How To Play VOB Files on Windows and Mac

•    Download DVDFab Player 6 for Windows or Mac (depending on your computer OS)
•    Launch DVDFab Player 6 and import all VOB file extension media you’ve got
•    Start playing the VOB content


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2. VLC Media Player

vlc copy 
It is almost impossible to make a list of media players without mentioning VLC. The VLC Media Player software is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. There are also mobile app versions for smartphone users. VLC is a free, open-source media player with support for insurmountable digital formats. Using VLC, it is possible to play VOB files on Mac, as well as play VOB files windows 10. 


More so, VLC flaunts a super-intuitive user interface with all the necessary playback tools you need. Asides being a VOB file player, VLC media player can also playback typical video formats such as MKV, MOV, FLV, etc. The Linux version of VLC allows you to play VOB files on Linux systems.


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3. File Viewer Lite

file viewer lite
 Available for Windows computers only, File Viewer Lite is a freeware that lets you open VOB files. It is specially designed for people looking for how to open VOB files on Windows systems. The program does not have any premium/paid feature – it is entirely free. Interestingly, File Viewer Lite can also open over 150 other file formats.

With File Viewer Lite, you could even open VCD video files, 3GPP multimedia files, Matroska Video files, and many others. To use this VOB file player, all you need do is to download it from the developer’s official website and run it on your Windows PC. Then, you can simply drag your VOB files to the interface to open them.

4. GOM Player

gom player copy
GOM Player is yet another impressive software VOB player you can get to play VOB files windows 10. There are two versions of this player – GOM Player and GOM Player Plus; both versions can playback VOB file extension media and provide a wealth of convenient features. More so, this software player supports subtitles, subtitle sync controls, and screen capture tools. 

Interestingly, GOM Player is free to download. However, it is not available for Linux systems at the moment. This is for people looking for how to play VOB files on Windows 10. Asides VOB file support, GOM Player, can be used to playback various other digital file formats. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.


5. MPlayer

Just as VLC, MPlayer is an entirely free media player that supports so many formats, including VOB. It can act as your VOB file player – the interface is simple and packed with all the playback tools you’ll ever need. MPlayer is available across many platforms, which includes macOS, Windows, and Linux. Obviously, this media player software is meant for everyone. 


More so, MPlayer can play other video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, et al. it supports over eighty-five (85) audio codecs; all your media files will definitely playback on this software. Whether you use MacBook, Windows PC, or run Linux (Ubuntu), MPlayer is an ideal choice for a VOB player.


6. Free Blu-ray Player

free blu ray player
Ignore the name; this is an outstanding video player software. Well, the name already tells you that it is a blu-ray video player, but it’s more than that. This media player also plays back VOB files and many other video file formats. It features a clean user interface and lets you manage your media files in an outstanding way. 


Free Blu-ray Player is available for free for Windows PC users, and it’s fully compatible with Windows 10. Also, this VOB Player has a Mac version for MacBook users. If you’ve got a media with VOB file extension, this can be your best free software to use and playback the media. More interestingly, this player can play encrypted VOB files at ease.


7. Final Media Player

final media player
Final Media Player is only available for Windows OS – it is for people who want to play VOB files windows 10. This software video player comes with extensive support for various digital media formats; it flaunts a simple interface packed with varieties of playback tools. If you’re really tired of getting greeted by error messages while trying to play your media files on Windows, then this is an ideal player. 

With support for lots of codecs and formats, you can playback any video file with Final Media Player – this includes your video with VOB file extension. This program does not offer a trial period – it is totally free to use.


8. All Player

all player
The name leaves an imprint. Well, it actually does as the name implies. AllPlayer is a powerful video player software for Windows OS users. It is capable of playing back over 20 video formats, including VOB file extension videos; thus, it is safe to call this a VOB File Player. Interestingly, this software is more than just a video player – the developer provides a wide of extensive products/features that can be integrated with this software for the best media streaming experience.


AllPlayer is also available for mobile devices (iOS and Android smartphones). It goes on to support subtitles, multilingual interface, and more stuff. You can download this player for free from the developer’s website.


9. Windows Media Player

windows media player
The built-in Windows Media Player, available on Windows computers, can also playback VOB files. It has been extensively upgraded with the launch of Windows 10; the player now supports multiple formats and codecs to playback your videos. If you’re looking for a free VOB Player, then you should consider this default player on your Windows PC.


However, if you use a mac, this player won’t work for you. So, you have to choose from the other options listed here. The DVDFab Player 6 is available for Mac – you can use it as your VOB File Player. Furthermore, Windows Media Player is basic and limited in quite so many ways. It is included in this list because it is a built-in player and it is free. 


10. PowerDVD

power dvd
PowerDVD is one of the top DVD player software everyone knows. It packs a lot of features, tools, built-ins, etc. This software video player is available for Windows and MacBook users; it is a professional VOB Player that can playback your files with subtitles. As a VOB file player, PowerDVD accepts encrypted VOB files and plays them seamlessly. 


More so, Power DVD provides similar media library as DVDFab Player 6 where you can easily manage all your media files from various sources. There are of extensive features available on PowerDVD software; it makes a perfect VOB player, as well as a multimedia player. However, this is not available for Linux users – just for Windows and macOS.

What More?

These are all VOB file players, which implies that that can play VOB file extension files on computers. If the VOB file is saved on your phone, you need a VOB file converter to convert VOB file to MP4. When the conversion is complete, that is when you can play VOB files on mobile devices.


How To Play VOB Files On Mobile Phones

Simply use a video converter software and convert the VOB file to MP4 or any other digital format that can be recognized by your mobile device. Below is a detailed guide on how to convert VOB file to mp4 using the best VOB converter software – DVDFab Video Converter.

Method 1: Convert VOB File To MP4 Using DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is an extensive video conversion software with lots of interesting features. It is designed with a simple, clear-cut interface, and it supports various video formats. With DVDFab Video Converter, you can convert VOB files to many other formats. So, instead of needing a VOB Player to open VOB files, you can use any media player that supports MP4, MOV, etc.

dvd video converter copy

Steps to Convert VOB Files into MP4:


  • Download and install DVDFab Player 6 on your Windows or MacBook computer. 

  • Launch the program, click on “Converter” and upload the VOB file extension media.

  • Choose an output profile/format (preferably, MP4).

  • Click on “Start” to trigger the conversion process


DVDFab Video Converter will provide you with detailed real-time conversion progress. After the conversion, transfer the file to your mobile and play it without using a VOB File Player.


Method 2: Convert VOB File To MP4 Using Online VOB Converter

A-Convert online VOB converter works on all platforms; all you need is an active internet connection and web browser. It is totally free to use and works perfectly for the need. With xxx online VOB converter, you can turn your VOB files to other generally supported video formats; thus, there won’t be a need for a VOB player or a VOB file player.

a convert copy 

Steps to Convert VOB File Online:



  1.     Visit

  2.     Upload the VOB file

  3.     Click on “Convert

  4.     Download the converted file and send to your mobile phone



A VOB file player is simply a media player software that supports VOB format. VOB players can playback all kinds of VOB files, and most of them are available across platforms.