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Part One: Top 5 3D Video Players for Windows
Part Two: Top 5 3D Video Player 5 for Mac
Part Three: Top 5 3D Video Player 5 for Linux
Part Four:  What More?


To enjoy your 3D movies or videos, you need a 3D-compatible player. Interestingly, there are many software apps out there that can allow you to playback 3D videos on PC/MacBook. But, not all those 3D players are safe to use. Also, some of them do not provide modern video playback features, and you may be faced with several limitations you wouldn’t like.


Hence, here’s a comprehensive list for the top best 3D video players for all computer OSes – Windows, Mac, and Linux. This article will be divided into sections to clearly specify the best 3D player software apps for each operating system.


Part One: Top 5 3D Video Players for Windows


1. DVDFab Player 6


video Players for Windows


DVDFab Player 6 is a versatile and impressive media player software. It is capable of playing back original movies up to 4K UHD, as well as supports 3D format. The DVDFab Player 6 software flaunts a super-intuitive interface that allows you to navigate and find what you seek quickly.


More so, DVDFab Player 6 supports dual playback modes; TV mode and PC mode. These playback modes are designed to offer the best experiences on big screens and small screens, respectively. There’s an all-new media library available on this player; it allows you to easily manage all your 3D media files and other media files from your media server or local storage.


 There are lots of interesting playback features available on DVDFab Player 6. Plus, it supports cutting-edge audio tech, such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master, and DTS:X, making it one of the great Dolby Vision Blu-ray Player.


How to play 3D movies with DVDFab Player 6


  • Download and install DVDFab Player 6 on your Windows PC.

  • Launch the player, choose between TV mode and PC mode.

  • Upload the 3D videos from your media server or local storage

  • Start playing the video


2. NVIDIA 3D Vision Player




NVIDIA 3D Vision Player is one of the most powerful 3D media players with a solid back-end engine that assures seamless playback experience. It is available for all Windows OS versions; however, you may need to update your PC’s graphics card before you can run this player.


With this player, you will enjoy immersive 3D movies with NVIDIA 3D Vision. More so, this media player can handle most other media formats. It also supports Windows Media Dual Stream files and separate left/right files.


How to use NVIDIA 3D Vision Player

  • Download the software and install on your PC

  • Run NVIDIA 3D Vision Player and load your 3D movie

  • Start watching


3. WinDVD Pro 12




WinDVD Pro 12 provides many more options and flexibility than the VLC media player. It is a sturdy Blu-ray/DVD player software packed with a bunch of cutting-edge media technologies for a seamless experience. The software can play 3D video files on Windows computers; it also supports many other formats, too.


More so, WinDVD Pro 12 features an intuitive interface with a bunch of playback tools to deliver the best experience. Your 2D movies will be converted to 3D when you use this powerful 3D video player.


How to use WinDVD Pro 12 on Windows computers


  • Download and install the player on your PC

  • Launch the player and import your 3D videos

  • Start playing the videos immediately


4. DepthQ Player




DepthQ Player is a multi-feature media player with extensive support for 3D media files. It is specially developed for 3D video playback on Windows computers. Apparently, DepthQ Player delivers the best stereo 3D experience you can ever get from a software player.


It is available in different versions – the LITE version is free, but the others are paid. There are quite a lot of extensive features of this 3D video player; it is suitable for developers and mere enthusiasts looking for how to play 3D videos on PC.


Using DepthQ Player for 3D video playback


  • Download and install the software on PC

  • Launch DepthQ Player and import/upload your 3D videos

  • Start playing


5. Pot Player


Pot Player


A little configuration is required to play 3D videos seamlessly on PCs using Pot Player. Nevertheless, Pot Player is one of the best 3D video players out there. It supports a lot of 3D playback features; thus, you can customize how your 3D videos will play on your PC.


More so, Pot Player supports a variety of other video formats, as well as flaunts a clean, easy-to-use interface. Pot Player is available for virtually all versions of Windows OS; plus, it is a free media player software.


How to play 3D movies with Pot Player

  • Download the software, install it, and run it on your PC

  • Open the 3D video

  • Look at the bottom-right of the player interface

  • Click the “3D” option

  • Here you can customize how you want your 3D videos to play on Pot Player.


Part Two: Top 5 3D Video Player 5 for Mac


6. DVDFab Player 6


DVDFab Player 6


Again, the DVDFab Player 6 falls among the best 3D video players for Macintosh users. DVDFab Player 6 boasts of some intriguing, cutting-edge playback features that assure you of exciting 3D playback experience on TVs and/or your MacBook.


This media player supports various other video formats; thus, it won’t only serve as your 3D media player, but your default player for playing back all kinds of media files. The Mac version of DVDFab Player 6 supports high-res, lossless audio output, dual playback modes, and a comprehensive media library.


How to play 3D videos on Mac with DVDFab Player 6


  • Download and install DVDFab Player 6 on your MacBook

  • Launch the player and upload the 3D movies from a server or local storage

  • Start playing the video

  • You can customize 3D playback settings from the “Settings” menu


7. 5K Player


5K Player


5K player is one of the best software media players you can get at the moment. It supports a lot of playback features, formats (including 3D), and extensions. This 3D video player for Mac flaunts a typical interface – the media library is advanced and provides a bunch of media management tools to make your files easily accessible.


Interestingly, this player features an online downloader tool that lets you grab 3D videos from supported sites/platforms. The video downloader can grab YouTube and Netflix 3D videos. This is simply an easy to use media player software with handy features and tools.


How to play 3D videos with 5K Player


  • Download and install 5K Player on your MacBook

  • Run the player and import your 3D media files

  • It will start playing immediately


8. 3D Video Player for Mac


3D Video


Just as the name implies, this is a 3D video player software for MacBook users. It is a powerful player with a couple of features that let you watch 3D videos smoothly on your MacBook. 3D Video Player is developed to provide media lovers with a clear-cut, unsophisticated interface with basic playback features to enjoy 3D movies.


You can choose between side by side 3D view and classic anaglyph red-cyan 3D, which is best for your movie.


How to play 3D videos with 3D Video Player


  • Download and install the software on MacBook

  • Run the player and import your 3D media files

  • Click the 3D button to set your preferences

  • Start watching your video


9. VLC Player


VLC Player


Many of us (if not all) already know about the VLC player. It is arguably the world’s best free media player with support for lots of codecs and formats. With the VLC player, it is possible to playback your 3D files seamlessly. However, a little tweaking is required for you to get the best 3D playback experience.


VLC media player features many playback tools that make it easy for you to enjoy your video playback. More interestingly, this player is totally free with no premium version.


How to play 3D videos with VLC media player on Windows


  • Download and install VLC media player.

  • Launch the program and click on “Tools” (on the menu bar).

  • Select “Effects and Filters” from the dropdown context menu.

  • Navigate to “Video Effects” tab, and click on “Advanced.”

  • Check the “Anaglyph 3D” option and close the dialogue box.


Now you can open the 3D video with VLC and enjoy.


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10. KM Player


KM Player

Developed by PandoraTV, KM Player is a versatile media player for Mac with support for lots of video/audio formats. It allows you to playback 3D movies seamlessly. More so, it supports a bunch of video playback features and tools.


Interestingly, this media player is free to download, as well as allows the user to customize several settings. It is also available for Windows OS and mobile Oses (Android & iOS). KM Player is intuitive and multi-functional.


How to play 3D movies on Mac using KM Player


  • Install KM Player and run it on your MacBook

  • Play your 3D video and click on the “3D” button at the bottom-left corner

  • Set the 3D settings to match your feel


You can get 3D glasses to enjoy your movies right on your MacBook.


Part Three: Top 5 3D Video Player 5 for Linux


11. sView Player for Linux


sView Player


sView is a 3D media player for Linux – it also supports image viewing. While this is usually used as a 3D player, it supports many media formats, including MKV, OGM, WebM, AVI, WMV, FLAC, MOV, BIK (BINK video), and many more.


This media player is specifically designed to play 3D videos. It supports Anaglyph glasses, interlaced displays (Zalman, Hyundai, Sharp, eDimensional shutter-glasses), Mirror displays, iZ3D displays, etc. sView is also available for Windows and macOS systems.


Steps to install and run sView on Linux


  • Add PPA to your system and install sView with the following command: sudo apt-get install sview

  • Launch sView with the following command(s): sView –in=image, sView –in=video, or sView media_file_name


12. Bino Player


bino Player


When looking for the best 3D video player for Linux, Bino is one of the best choices out there. It is a free 3D media player (licensed under GNU GPL) with support for multi-display video. The player is based on these libraries:


  • OpenGL (with GLEW) for video.

  • OpenAL for audio.

  • FFmpeg for decoding video/audio files

  • Qt for the interface.

  • LibASS for rendering subtitles.

  • And Optionally Equalizer for the multi-display support.


How to run Bino and watch 3D video on Linux


  • Enter sudo apt-get install bino into the terminal to install Bino on your Linux system

  • Launch Bino player (enter Bino in the terminal and hit Enter)

  • Go to “File” and select “Open” to import your 3D video


13. ExMplayer




Ex-Mplayer actually means “Extended Mplayer.” Mplayer is one of the best Linux video players, and this one promises to offer more features. Interestingly, ExMplayer is easy to use and supports a variety of extensive tools for media management/conversion.


The following input formats are supported by ExMplayer: side-by-side, side-by-side half size, above-below, and above-below half size.


How to install and run ExMplayer on Ubuntu


  • Run the following commands to install ExMplayer: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:exmplayer-dev/exmplayer, sudo apt-get update, and sudo apt-get install exmplayer.

  • To launch ExMplayer, run the following commands: enter ExMplayer in dash, click the launcher icon. Find the player under “Applications” in the Gnome menu.


14. Butterfly3D Stereo Video Player




The Butterfly3D Stereo Video Player is yet another impressive 3D video player for Linux/Ubuntu. It allows users to playback 2D and 3D videos with subtitles. This player features a clear-cut interface with the necessary playback tools.


Furthermore, this player can play typical video formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, FLASH, WMV, QuickTime, etc. it features a 3D hardware like the NVIDIA cutting-edge 3D technology and AMD HD3D; hence, this player delivers dazzling 3D effects for home entertainment.


Play 3D videos with Butterfly3D Stereo


  • Install Butterfly3D Stereo Video Player on your system

  • Run the play and import your 3D media file


15. VLC Player


VLC Player


Lastly, on this list is the VLC player – it is a cross-platform media player. VLC can playback 3D files seamlessly when you activate the feature in its settings panel. Apparently, everyone knows VLC is free and open-source. To install it on your Linux-based system, you need to visit the official VideoLan website and download the required files.


How to install and play 3D videos with VLC on Linux


  • Install VLC on your Linux system and launch the program

  • Alternatively, you can simply type the following command into the terminal: vlc -vvv <3Dfile> --full-screen --aspect-ratio=16:9 --loop


Note: change “3Dfile” with the actual name of the 3D movie. Also, VLC doesn’t play two separate movie files.


What More?


These are the top best 3D video players for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. They also support other digital media formats and offer impressive playback experience. All right! Now if you'd like, you could READ further about top 5 Blu-ray players.