Table of Contents

Part 1. Finding A Better Way to Manage Your Video Files?
Part 2. Top 10 Media File Manager Software
Part 3. Extension: Other Fantastic Features of DVDFab Player 6


Finding A Better Way to Manage Your Video Files?


Smartphones or computers are majorly used devices to store and create media content. Television program, pictures, videos, songs are all examples of digital media which can be provided via cable providers, DVDs, CDs, Internet connection, computer hard disk, and more.

File management depends on how files are arranged, named, and sorted out. Usually, the hierarchical system is adopted to manage video files, in which they are divided into directories and subdirectories. If you don’t use proper naming and storing system, your files will be scattered across random locations on of your system’s memory.

Amongst all the other digital media contents, managing video file is more of a hassle. It is likely that you might not recall where you save the video contents on your system. It is often a concern for most digital device users, because they are larger in volume and require more space. You can use video file management software to access video files from others, and manage them better.


video file management software


Installing media file manager software enhances the arrangement and management of supported files, making it easy to organize and find media files easily. It will save you a lot of time, than doing the organizing job manually. The Media file manager program also protects your files with proper backup features.


Top 10 Media File Manager Software


1. DVDFab Player 6


DVDFab Player 6


DVDFab Player 6 is a video player and media file manager Windows for all Windows versions. It plays all the media files on the local hard drives and manages your media library. You can check the quality and efficiency of the software with risk-free trial of 30 days.




  • Offering a navigation menu for DVD Blu-rays, or any other media files.

  • Organizes the music library by Poster Wall and divides them categorically.

  • Generating high-quality audio such as Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, which is preferred for home theatre units.

  • Creates customized playlists and a favorite list of videos or audios.

  • Supports video playback for all formats such as WAV, MP3, MP4, VOB, etc. with high resolutions.

  • Imports video contents from DVD or Blu-rays to the local media library.

  • Switches between PC and TV playback mode.


How to manage video files?


  • Step 1: After downloading and launching this video file management software and player, choose the mode you need, TV or PC.

  • Step 2: Choose the source of the video, by inserting discs or browsing files.

  • Step 3: Customize preferred video parameters such as subtitles, audio, etc.

  • Step 4: Play the videos of your choice.

  • Step 5: You can create playlist of your favorite videos


2.  Delicious library



delicious library


The popular video file manager MAC/OS/X, Delicious Library is an app used as an overall media file manager assigning tags to books, music, images, etc. It is easy to use due to being arranges in appealing categories.



  • Videos are arranged on a virtual shelf.

  • Supports manual importing of media content.

  • This media file manager software allows you to import content by holding the barcode of the item right up to the webcam.

  • Exports library to web and enables sharing it with friends on the same network.

  • Rapidly processes listing of unused media items for sale on Amazon.


How to manage video files?


  • Step1: Install and launch this video file management software.

  • Step2: Start building your library by either scanning the barcode or browsing the files you want.

  • Step3: Customize your shelf according to your preference.

  • Step4: Play your favorite video.


3.  MyMedia -


Avaialable oniOS and Android




My media file manager app can be used on all types of devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It effectively manages and plays your files. This video file manager Mac and Android enables the exporting of media files to your computer.



  • This media file manager software supports documents in different formats such as MS-Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML.

  • Allows the ZIP and RAR file extraction.

  • Allows the opening of files in different apps or software installed.

  • Has Apps Lock to prevent others to access your media content.

  • Plays audio in the background.

  • Video playback for .mp4, .mov and .m4v formats only.


How to manage video files?


  • Step1: Download MyMedia media file manager software app on your device.

  • Step2: Ensure third-party apps from sources.

  • Step3: Start the normal installation process and click on Yes for any permission prompted.

  • Step: Enjoy the quality features of this app



4.  Personal Video Database - 

Avaialable on: Windows 

personal video database


Personal Video Database is video file management software. It is easy to use and the library is easily built.




    • Integrates and connects with IMDB directly to get information and details from it.

    • Enables downloading of covers and posters from various sites.

    • Customization of the display with grid, threaded, or other viewing options.

    • Videos can be played directly in this software due to an in-built media player.

    • Importing and exporting of media files is possible.


How to manage video files?


  • Step1: Run the video file management software.

  • Step2: Change interface according to your preference.

  • Step3: Search the video or movie desired and the details are retrieved from online resources.

  • Step4: Find movies and video contents with ease due to the systematic sorting of titles.


5.  Movie Collector


movie collector


It is paid video file management software facilitating the cataloging of images, videos, and movies using the DVD and Blu-rays sources. They run on the PC and support both MAC and Windows OS.



  • Automatic download or barcode scanning to add to the library.

  • Search, and sort through the library to make it familiar.

  • Exports media collection.

  • Supports display of TV series.

  • Gives the option of wish listing videos or deciding the order.


How to manage the video file?


  • Step1: Go to Add/Link Movie icon

  • Step2: Click on either search by title or search by barcode option

  • Step3: Select the movie and add it to your collection


6.  DVD Profiler -


DVD Profiler


DVD Profiler is a paid video file management software application with a specific trial period available in the app version and desktop as well. It allows for better management of your video collection.



  • Displays high resolution of cover art.

  • Keeps track of movies you want to own, have ordered, and have lent to friends.

  • Movie Pick function which recommends movies based on your previous content’s ratings, critical reviews.


How to manage video files?


  • Step1: Launch your software on any of Android, Windows, or MAC devices.

  • Step2: Add desired movies using UPC or by searching titles.

  • Step3: Search movies by applying filters such as cast, director, release date, etc.

  • Step4: Enjoy watching your desired genre of video content.


7.  Movienizer




Movienizer helps in organizing and sorting out your favorite movies easily. Now, with Movienizer media file manager software, you can explore the movies of your favorite actors or actresses.




  • Sort your collection according to the location of every Blu-ray, DVD, or other media also by genre, language, year of release, etc.

  • Mark the movies as watch later for the future.

  • Takes direct snapshots of video files.

  • The media file manager allows you to Add the video content of DVD using barcode scanning

  • Takes into account the movies you have lent to your friends.


How to manage video files?


  • Step1: Launch the video file management software, Movienizer.

  • Step2: Select the actor or actress whose video you would like to browse and click on “download”.

  • Step3: The list of videos featuring that actor/actress will be provided along with information and details of the video from the Internet.

  • Step4: Enjoy the content.


8.  iRiver Plus -


iRiver Plus


Another video library manager is iriver Plus. This media file manager allows users to easily access their favorite music videos, movies, or other visual contents in Windows OS.



  • Supports all types of video formats.

  • Gives detailed information about the music as well as other audio files.

  • This media file manager Windows allows you to switch in between two modes of interface- mini and main player.

  • Allows you to convert video files into another format


How to manage video files?


  • Step1 - Launch the media file manager Windows application

  • Step2 - Customize the interface mode between mini and main player according to your comfort

  • Step3 - To convert a video file, drag and drop

  • Step4 - Make your fun jukebox


9.  MyFilms




It is video file management software to arrange your collection of video files. It is popular management software for films and video content.




  • Easily gives information from IMDB and makes it possible to edit them

  • Automatically adds contents to your library through your past watches

  • Automatically gets subtitles of the video

  • Browsing possible on this media file manager through the movie poster


How to manage video files?


  • Step1 - Customize how to start MyFilms in the setup itself

  • Step2 - Explore and modify the settings options according to your comfort.

  • Step3 - Ready to be used.


10.  Maple media's file manager


maple media’s file manager ​​​​​​​


Maple media file manager app is a number one multimedia file manager and explorer app for Android. It helps in transferring, accessing, and management of files.




  • Stores your media files securely

  • Transfers file by compressing, unzipping, and copy-pasting them

  • Has a storage backup feature

  • Customize the color


How to manage video files?


  • Step1 - Launch the media file manager app on your devices

  • Step2 - Browse the video content

  • Step3 - Access the video files easily


Extension: Other Fantastic Features of DVDFab Player 6


Among other Media File Manager tools, DVDFab Player 6 has the best features. The following are some amazing qualities of this media file manager software.


  • It can rapidly fill and access your video library.

  • Before playing your video, you can view basic detailed information about the video and also get a preview.

  • You can customize video parameters just by mouse control.

  • You can create your video playlist containing favorite videos with this video file management software.

  • You can assign keys to access some commands in both TV and PC modes.

  • It can work as a great DVD, Blu-ray, 4k UHD and 4k blu-ray player with this software.