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Part 1: SDR vs HDR

Part 2: HDR vs 4K

Part 3: Best 4k HDR Blu-ray Player to Play 4K HDR Video on PC and TV

Part 4: FAQs

Extension: SDR to HDR conversion using DVDFab UHD Ripper




Part 1: SDR vs HDR


The major difference between HDR and SDR is the quality of video files. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is a more accurate method to uses metadata to describe to instruct the projection screen/television screen on how to show the content properly. Metadata is distributed via any of the various standards that include, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HDR10.




Let’s learn in detail about SDR vs HDR


  • HDR offers support for bigger file sizes: When it comes to HDR vs SDR, the HDR quality is more preferred because it provides more color exposure and resolutions to give hyper-realistic image quality. On the other hand, SDR supports an outdated color standard i.e, Rec 709 color gamut that provides a smaller color gamut, and restricted dynamic range.

  • Image difference: HDR improves dynamic range, color, vibrancy, and exposure, which boosts the black color on a projection screen, which is why it is more preferred when given a choice between SDR vs HDR. On the contrary, the color shown on the Standard Dynamic Range projection screen is muted with underexposure contrast level and low brightness.

  • Large Storage: to support HDR content, you would need a large storage size, along with a fast internet connection. This is not the case with SDR because the files take lesser space on your storage. In terms of storage, SDR wins the race between HDR vs SDR.

  • Higher bit depth and better image: another difference between HDR and SDR is, HDR provides a higher bit depth that enables one to see different colors on a projection with crystal clear precision. On the contrary, SDR offers a limited bit depth that result in non-uniform gradients and blockiness on the SDR projection screen.

  • Dynamic range: another very important difference between HDR and SDR. HDR content uses high brightness abilities to show real-life highlights. It is capable of displaying the highlights as well as the dark colors at the same time. As a result, HDR offers peak brightness, the best quality of the tone mapping, and contrast. In the case of SDR, the projection screen is comparatively less bright. It displays smaller color gamuts that do not yield high picture quality.


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For those who want to know how to convert HDR to SDR, we have a fabulous tool that does the job with great precision. The tool is DVDFab UHD Ripper. It converts the High Dynamic Range of 4k HDR Blu ray player into a form of SDR. Here are a few features of the tool:


4k HDR Blu ray player


• Converts 4K UHD movie to various formats that include MKV/M2TS/ MP4 etc.

• Processes and outputs files without losing any quality

• Offer support for SDR video export or 4K HEVC 10-bit

• Let you enjoy UHD videos conveniently


UHD videos conveniently


Part 2: HDR vs 4K


HDR and 4K are the commonly used technologies in premium digital televisions and monitor screens. They both aim at enhancing the quality of an image, but do it in different means. Let us learn about these technologies in detail to assess HDR vs 4K.




  • 4K is also called UHD, Ultra HD, Ultra High Definition 4K, 4K Ultra High Definition, or 2160p resolution.

  • 4K relates to a specific type of screen resolution.

  • It is the standard resolution. It implies the horizontal resolution of the screen is about 4K pixels.

  • 4K standard is 3840 x 2160 pixels for television and 4096 x 2160 pixels for cinema. The number of pixels it has is four times that of the number of pixels present in 1080p or HRD. Here you can understand more about resolution revolution from 1080p to 16k.

  • For digital TVs, 4K implies either UHD or Ultra HD format of 3,840 horizontal pixels by 2160 vertical pixels. The 4096 × 2160 pixels screen resolution is a less common type of resolution. It is reserved largely for movie projectors, and cinema.

  • It has an aspect ratio of 16 by 9. This implies that the total number of pixels present in a 4K image goes beyond eight megapixels.

  • When talking about 1080p HDR vs 1080p SDR, the latter needs UHD-compatible components and devices to avoid any upscaling.

  • A majority of HDR television sets are also 4K TVs.

  • 4K TV resolution remains fixed irrespective of the size of the screen. The number of pixels present per inch of the device varies based on the screen size. This implies that as the television screen expands in size, the number of pixels also increases to obtain the same level of resolution.






If you want to know what is HDR video, then the below list will give you complete knowledge about HDR video.


  • Its full form is High Dynamic Range.

  • It implies a wider contrast range and color gamut compared to SDR or Standard Dynamic Range.

  • This technology makes bright tones even brighter without overexposing. Dark tones become even darker without underexposing. This is the main feature to your question, what is HDR video.

  • In 4k SDR vs 4k HDR, the latter has competing standards. A few of them specify a minimum of 4K resolution. It describes any display or video that has a higher dynamic range or contrast compared to SDR content.

  • High Dynamic Range implies the color range or contrast between the darkest and lightest tones in an image. It delivers a greater contrast and larger color compared to an SDR. It is more visually effective than 4K. However, 4K provides a sharper and more defined picture.

  • Requires end to end (from source to display) compatibility. The players include 4k HDR Blu ray player, the set-top box, HDMI cable, television, or streaming device.




Part 3: Best 4k HDR Blu-ray Player to Play 4K HDR Video on PC and TV


About DVDFab Player 6:


DVDFab player 6 is a reliable and professional 4k UHD player that helps you play DVDs, 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, and Blu-rays easily. The presence of navigation menus simplifies the browsing experience. It also offers additional support for high-resolution audio and HDR10 output. This player manages all the media with the help of a Poster Wall for convenience and simplicity.


Ways To Use DVDFab Player 6 Ultra


Can I play an HDR video on an SDR screen? It is a common question that some users have in their minds. The answer is, YES.


You can do this by using DVDFab Player 6 software. This media player comes with a 30 days free trial feature. With this software, users can play media in various formats such as AVI/ MP4/MKV, etc. on the television or PC. This player delivers a stunning video watching experience.


HDR video on an SDR screen


So if you have the question, can I play an HDR video on an SDR screen, then DVDFab Player 6 is your best solution. It provides you all those features that you will require from any normal media player along with several new advanced functions. This software offer supports all popular types of video formats without any hassle.


The player software provides a navigation menu that offers support for DVD discs, and (4K) Blu-rays. Furthermore, you can also use its two playback methods to get an incredible viewing experience on PC as well as Television.


Different versions of DVDFab Player 6


The software comes in two variants as Ultra and Standard. The Ultra version is a paid version and the Standard version is completely free. Let us look at the features of both these versions one by one.


  • Standard version - This is a free version that provides full navigation menu assistance for DVDs. It can even help in playing key video titles of Blu-rays without a navigation menu. It supports different types of discs that include BDAV discs and various other useful features. It highlights the key features of introducing a DVD in an ISO format to any local library.

  • Ultra-Version - The Ultra version provides all the functions present in the free version along with complete navigation menu support, especially for 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, and Blu-ray discs. Users can play three-dimensional videos and offer assistance for advanced features that include HDR, 7.1 channel audio, and H.265 formats.


The version also enables one to import Blu-ray discs and DVDs to the local media library. By using the paid version, users can load and play APE, CUE, MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and more video file formats more conveniently. It is the best 4k HDR Blu ray player and you won’t have to worry about how to change SDR to HDR, as it plays all formats.


4k HDR Blu ray player


Best features of DVDFab Player 6


  • You can build, manage, and organize tons of music files on your hard disk drive to the media player to create a smart local music library. It organizes your music collections under the categories of artists, genres, and albums. You can also create customized playlists and add your music files into the "favorites" section easily.

  • Support Diverse Audio Formats. Don’t worry about SDR vs HDR, or 4k SDR vs HDR, or 4k HDR vs 4k SDR, or 1080p HDR vs 1080p SDR. This player is your best solution to play just about any video.

  • Auto-Download Metadata - The software lets you download precise metadata accurately from key digital music database to make your music collections more detailed.

  • You get the choice to use PC and TV modes as per your requirement.


change SDR to HDR


You don’t have to waste time on learning how to change SDR to HDR? Use DVDFab Player 6. This media player offers support for all popularly used audio formats. It lets you use HDR files on SDR screens, so you get to enjoy high-quality entertainment. It comes with professional visual effects to stimulate your senses.


Part 4: FAQs


1.  Can I play an HDR video on an SDR screen?


Yes. You can play HDR to SDR with any conversion using the DVDFab Player 6. Choose Auto Option if your display monitor and hardware support HDR output. The software will output HDR image, or, SDR image. Select HDR -> SDR: on the DVDFab Player 6 to get the SDR image as the output. It is the best software because you won’t have to choose between SDR vs HDR or HDR vs SDR.


2.  How to change SDR to HDR?


You need tools with AI to perform precise conversion of standard dynamic range to high dynamic range. SDR is represented in the form of bloomed-out regions, whereas HDR provides higher luminance at a single highlight point. DVDFab Player 6 is one of the best tools that support playing music files in both these formats.


3.  How to convert HDR to SDR?


There are many tools that will allow for downscaling of format from HDR to SDR. One of the good things about DVDFab Player 6, is that users do not need to convert HDR to SDR. The software supports both the types, and renders the content as needed by the user. You don’t really have to think about how to convert HDR to SDR if you use this player.


convert HDR to SDR


Extension: SDR to HDR conversion using DVDFab UHD Ripper


To watch UHD movies on your 4K UHD TV, you will need to subscribe to Netflix’s 4K UHD movies on Netflix. If you do not have the subscription, then you can also use the 64-bit version of DVDFab software. This software has a UHD Ripper that can rip 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays to the desired 4K format or lower formats. This will enable you to watch a 4K UHD TV/4K movie on the computer monitor. You will not need any specific 4K Blu-ray player to view the files.