Table of Contents:

1. What is Gogoanime ?
2. Is it safe to use Gogoanime ?
3. Gogoanime review from anime genres, features, apps
4. Why Gogoanime stands out among all the anime sites?
5. Best 10 Gogoanime alternative sites to watch anime free online
6. How to download from Gogoanime?
7. Gogoanime for TV, iOS and Android apps
8.  Gogoanime new trends
9. Conclusion


Konnichiwa! As you probably know, the success of the manga-anime industry is due to all the Japanese artists who knew how to exploit all the possibilities offered, both by their own culture and by Western cultures and inventions. Manga and anime explore the time, space, time and the human condition. Even if anime and manga are two different storytelling media, both originate in Japan and they are closely related. Due to this complexity it has become a global phenomenon of our century. We don't have to be kids to watch anime. They cover so many psychological and social topics that the interest of mature people has increased. It explore time, space and the human condition. In fact, they are quite philosophical. On the other hand, entertainment is not to be neglected. It is much more refined than American cartoons.




If you are an anime lover this article will come in your interest. We will discuss one of best anime streaming platforms: Gogoanime. You will find all the information about Gogoanime from A to Z. We will also present you alternative and similar sites with Gogoanime. Enjoy your reading .


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1. What is Gogoanime ?


Gogoanime is a piece of heaven for anime lovers. has a vast collection of anime and always updates its library. On this site you can watch anime in high quality for free and the anime series are subtitled in English or dubbed. You are not restricted in any way and you can watch as long as you want . You don't even need to create an account but if you do, you can make a watchlist and you can leave comments and reviews on your favorite anime series . Registration is also free . Note that the original Gogoanime is or .




There are many websites which have similar names such as ( but now is,, and so on. These are copies of the original one. Revealing the original name will ban the site in some countries so, there are some website address changes from time to time .


2. Is it safe to use Gogoanime ?




The official website is safe as long as you don't click on ads. There are some unwanted commercials on the site, but never while watching an anime series. I say it's a compromise you can make. Hey, it's free and has a vast repertoire of anime series. In addition, site developers must somehow make a living. Plus, Gogoanime allows users to download their favorite episodes to watch them offline. Only this is illegal and it might be unsafe due to virus and malware. But if you don’t care about malwares, then you can download what you want . Just don’t click on pop ups and on screen ads. Relax, watching anime on this website is safe and  there are no penalties. There are many who use it. Google it. Of course, if you can afford it, you can pay a subscription to Netflix or Crunchyroll to see licensed anime,


3. Gogoanime review from anime genres, features, apps


Now let's dissect this website. The best features are:


  • As I said, you can watch all the dubbed and subbed anime series for free ;

  • The interface is easy to surf it ;

  • is fast in contrast with other anime streaming platforms ;

  • The stability of is also excellent ;

  • The anime genres are really vast and I will name just a few: adventure, mecha, fantasy, psychological, horror, slice of life ;

  •  If you are undecided you can click on Gogoanime list to check the latest anime and the popular ones. In the section “ Gogoanime list”  you will see all animes arranged alphabetically. If you go to the Gogoanime list you will notice that it is so extensive, that even after five scrolls you can`t reach the end of it ;


Gogoanime list


  • Among anime TV series, you can watch anime movies at the same high quality ;

  • Users can add anime to their watchlist or in the “favorite” section ;

  • Users can make reviews and comments on each anime watched ;

  • Those who have created an account can make conversation with other users and anime lovers through the integrated chat located in the lower right corner of the interface.


anime lovers


  • Also, another interesting feature is that users can download the favorite episodes .


I recently downloaded some episodes: the Gogoanime Demon Slayer, Gogoanime My Hero Academia, Gogoanime One Piece, Re Zero Gogoanime, Girls Last Tour Gogoanime, Gogoanime Attack on Titan, Black Clover Gogoanime, K-on Gogoanime, Knosuba Gogoanime, Gogoanime Boku no hero, Dr Stone Gogoanime, That time I got reincarnated as a slime Gogoanime, Yugioh vrains Gogoanime, Gogoanime Jojo versions. These episodes were downloaded in a decent time and I chosed to download versions from because the quality is much better than that offered by other sites .


4. Why Gogoanime stands out among all the anime sites? has a good reputation among anime lovers. The fact that Gogoanime is in the top of preferences is due to the fact that here you can find everything you want. The list of anime and movies is updated frequently. Immediately after the official launch of an animated series/ movie, you can find it on this site. Also, Gogoanime is free and will remain forever free and this does not compromise the quality of the videos. So, a close community was built around Gogoanime. Everybody talk about Gogoanime. You can join the Gogoanime reddit community. If you are interested, click here .


5. Best 10 Gogoanime alternative sites to watch anime free online


Although Gogoanime is nr.1 among anime fans, below you will find other similar sites in case you fail to watch anime on .


# 1. Kiss Anime


Kiss Anime


The very best alternative to Gogoanime is KissAnime. You can watch hundreds of anime for free. Unlike Gogoanime, there are many more unwanted ads, in our opinion. The list on this platform includes several genres of anime and certainly here you will find what you want .


# 2. 9Anime




In terms of ad flow, it's the same with Gogoanime. You are not overwhelmed by them so often. You can watch many anime for free. You can search an anime through a generous filters. What's extra on this site is a calendar of anime releases .


# 3.




The interface is like in the 90s, but you can watch dubbed anime for free. Unlike Gogoanime and other alternatives, there is no filter to adjust your search preferences. So you have to deal with the search button .


# 4. Animeheaven




It has an elegant and minimalistic interface. Here you can watch subbed and dubbed anime for free at high quality. If you want to watch an anime on mobile, this platform has a updated and mobile friendly interface. Anime series are arranged by categories and you can download your favorite one, without restrictions .


# 5. Animefreak




This is extremely similar to and it is worthy of attention. You can watch thousands anime episodes for free, with no limitation at the very best video quality. Navigate through many categories to find what suits you most .


# 6. Chia-anime




Even here you can find an extensive anime library, sorted by geners and alphabetical. All series are free to watch, including the popular ones like Attack on Titan or Naruto. Videos are at a high definition for everyone's joy .


# 7. Animefrenzy




Another good alternative platform is Animefrenzy that which also delights its users with a wide range of anime that they can watch for free. Like, this website is connected to any social platform if you want to recommend your favorite anime to your friends .


# 8. AnimeShow




Clean. Smooth. Free. Another great anime source you need to consider. The anime library is really impressive like Gogoanime`s.


# 9. Animelab




It can be seen that this streaming anime platform is made by fans for fans. The interface has a clean and modern design. Sometimes you feel like you're on the Netflix site. If you move the cursor on the icon of a series, the synopsis appears and you can see the rating offered by the user community. You can watch all anime for free and the video quality is really good .


 # 10. AnimePlanet




Last but not least, it rises to the highest standards. It is free and the interface is really airy.  You can surf through filters and the recommended anime section every week to find something interesting to watch. Among anime series, you can read manga for free. Indeed, this is a website that needs attention .


6. How to download from Gogoanime?


The steps are simple, but I will describe them here to convince you that downloading an episode is extremely easy. Is Gogoanime safe? If you have an antivirus software, then yes. Please keep in mind this: don’t click any ad and everything will be fine. Your download will be a success .


Step # 1: Access the official website choose the episode you want to download. In my case, I choosed to download from Gogoanime Attack on Titan .


official website


Step # 2: Next, click the download button, located under the video .


download from Gogoanime


Step # 3: And…download complete. The download time depends on the speed of your internet network and and of course, the Gogoanime server .


iOS and Android apps


7. Gogoanime for TV, iOS and Android apps


Gogoanime doesn't have any TV software. So don't trust what you read in other articles. There are many rumors that there is a Gogoanime app for TV, but it is completely false. Get an HDMI cable or any device to help you connect your phone or laptop and you will be able to watch your favorite series on Gogoanime. Of course, if you have a smart TV, you can connect your TV to the internet. Problem solved. But again, be careful not to click on inappropriate ads that appear from time to time on As for a Gogoanime app dedicated to mobile phones, I can say that I saw that it only exists for Android devices and not for iOS devices.  You can install a Gogoanime app offerd by Apkpure or you can try Gogoanime Android / Gotardo Anime ( it is the same thing). Or, you can try AnimeGo by GoGoPromotion or Anime Movies Pro from Google Play store . Both are free of charge and and does not require a large storage space .


8.  Gogoanime new trends


Gogoanime always updates its anime database . That's why it so popular in the anime fan community. They have sections dedicated to launching new anime series or new episodes.


Gogoanime new trends


For example, new trends include Dr Stone on Gogoanime . Also, they have a section called ”Winter 2020” and you will find some good anime recomandations. Every season, Gogoanime recommends new trends . Indeed, / is is a site that you can fully enjoy . And what if there are ads? Even Youtube ads. And we must admit that we rarely click on these ads. Of course, there is no risk if you click, but for some of use it's the same thing. I am an avid consumer of and I can't complain even a little. There are not many ads and on Gogoanime I find everything I am looking for.




I hope this article has clarified you and that it will be useful to you. is a site highly targeted by anime fans and I think it is auspicious to get to know this site closely . As sometimes the site does not work for various reasons (sometimes the geographical restriction plays an important role) it is good to know where to watch anime for free . The only drawback being the unwanted ads . On some sites there are more, on others not. But is among the least intrusive commercials . That was all you need to know about from A to Z. You can watch gogoanime on your laptop or TV if you have downloaded the best video player.


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