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Part 1: Top 10 DVD Player for Mac
Part 2: The Parting Thoughts


The Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray content has been growing consistently, but that hasn’t made the DVD content obsolete in any way. Are you looking for the best DVD player for Mac? In that case, we present the best DVD players for Mac that you can check out.

Let us check out the best DVD Player for Mac that you can check out for the best experience ever.


Top 10 DVD Player for Mac


Without much ado, we will check out the best DVD Player for Mac devices. We will list out the best downloadable DVD player for Mac in this compilation. Also, if you are using Windows. No worries, we have also selected top 10 DVD player for Windows 10.


   1. DVDFab Player 6 – The sophisticated DVD player for Mac


The Best All Region DVD Player is one of the best 4K UHD media players you can ever think of. If you have wondered whether you can do those wonderful things you have never imagined on a Mac, then the Best All Region DVD Player makes it quite possible.

You can get access to a new and concise interface which indeed makes it one of the exciting choices ever. You can be assured of a faster and a truly stable playback engine for an efficient playback on any device whatsoever. It is your best bet for watching your favourite content in Blu-rays, and next-generation 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, making it the right choice for Blu-ray /DVD player for Mac.

DVD player for Mac


Some of the best features offered by Best All Region DVD Player for Mac can include

  • It helps you organize and manage the local library – The Poster wall concept used on the Best All Region DVD Player is one of the excellent means to organize and manage your local library. It can even scrape the posters from the internet and help arrange your files.

  • An effective menu playback – The player supports Menu playback on DVDs and simple playback functionality on 4K Blu-ray discs.

  • A complete support for several media files – The media player comes with an absolute support for 4K UHD, HEVC, and Other Media Files. You will also find support for several formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, M4V, VOB, and M2TS.

  • Plenty of resolutions supported – The media player supports a huge range of resolutions based on your output device. The player supports resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, and way up to 4K.

  • Play DVD in all regions –  No limitation for regions, it is the best region free DVD player.


In essence, it should be a great choice for the best option among the top 10 DVD player for Windows 10 and Mac alike.


        2.  VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the excellent choices for the best experience for Mac as the best free DVD player for Mac. In addition to playing the digital content, you can it can also play the content from directly from DVD discs. The open-source DVD player handles most of the codecs.

VLC Media Player audio and video, and subtitles.


The DVD player is one of the good options for playing even the encrypted discs. It has been rated to be one of the most flexible and lightweight DVD players for Mac. In addition to DVDs, VLC Media Player works with Blu-ray discs as well. A very easy-to-use interface and compatibility with a wide range of platforms make it an excellent option. It provides you access to a huge number of skins, themes, plugins, and other excellent features. It can be a great option for the best Blu-ray / DVD player for Mac.


  3.  Apple DVD Player -The Default DVD player for Mac 

The Apple DVD Player is actually the default DVD player on Mac. You can get access to all features on a standard DVD features. Some of the features supported include multiple audio and video, and subtitles.

DVD player for Mac

Apple DVD Player lets you work with several features that include turning the subtitles on and off, skipping chapters, and pausing the playback. If you are looking for the advanced features as on the premium DVD players for Mac, you may be out of luck. It comes with almost all One of the issues you would face with the Apple DVD Player is that they do not support playing encrypted DVDs.


   4.  5K Player

One of the best DVD players for both Mac and Windows 10, it works as an all in one option for playing any video. The perfect functionality with no ads, malware, and spyware are a few features that make it a formidable choice ever.

5K Player

One of the excellent features offered by 5K Player is it lets you play DVDs with no issues with respect to the region codes. It can even work with encrypted DVDs with no need to worry about encryptions such as CSS, Disney DRM, Sony ARccOS, and the latest DVD protection technologies. Support for DTS 5.1 and 7.1 output further makes it one of the greatest ever options. The TrueTheater technology that helps you out with an option to add external subtitles makes it a great option.


  5.  QuickTime – Official DVD player for Mac

QuickTime is one of the excellent options for the best in terms of the default DVD player for Mac. It does provide support for almost all the commonly used DVD video and audio formats. In addition, you also get access to a huge range of other benefits and features as well making it a complete solution.

DVD player for Mac

Apart from playing your DVDs, the best DVD player for Mac can work with other tasks such as video/music recording, editing, and streaming. It offers you an easy to use and slicker interface. The Pro version of the tool further offers you support for editing and converting your videos. However, you will need to update the software quite frequently.


   6.  MPlayerX

MPlayerX is one of the excellent options for the best DVD Player for Mac. It provides you almost the same interface and functionality as on the VLC Media Player. It comes with the best front end application. It should be a great option for your needs in an open-source and free tool ever.


The DVD Player comes with an option for online streaming and also provides you support for almost all the video formats that you would prefer. It can even get access to playing VOB files as well. The lightweight construction and a video compatibility are what would make it one of the high-end options ever.


   7.  Mac Media Player

Mac Media Player has been one of the excellent options for a true to life HD playback. The freeware option is powered by hardware acceleration, making it one of the efficient options for free DVD player for Mac. The support for 1080p video and  DTS 5.1 audio system further makes it a worthy option.

Mac Media Player

Specifically designed for High definition video playback, Mac Media Player has been a great choice for a very pleasing multimedia enjoyment. It is quite a good option for an easy to use functionality. However, it can be quite resource hungry and may slow down your system in some cases. In such cases, you may check by playing with the hardware acceleration options.


    8.  KMPlayer

KM Player has been known for almost all the advanced features when it comes to playing media content in a wide range of media playing capabilities. You can indeed look forward to the endless abilities in enjoying your videos. It can be a great option for the best downloadable DVD player for Mac.


With a versatile multimedia player platform, it has been rated to be the best media files in any format. The best part with the player is that it supports almost all codecs and you need not install any separate codec. The lightweight software is quite an excellent option if you are on a low CPU computer. It is an open-source media player that comes with self-contained codecs. It can work with damaged/incomplete AVI files making it all the more utility-driven DVD player for Mac.


    9.  XBMC

XBMC or XBMC media player, as it is known formally, is one of the excellent DVD players for Mac and comes with no ambiguity of any nature. The free and open-source media player has been one of the strongest options for the best player ever. It is much great to use and slick enough providing you a great efficiency.


The DVD player is supported by a huge community of users and that should explain what makes it an enhanced option ever. A lot of skins and a no effort functionality is what would make it one of the prominent options ever for all your expectations in playing your videos. Of course, customizing it to your setting may turn out to be a little tougher.


    10.  Cyberlink PowerDVD – The professional DVD player for Mac

PowerDVD is one of the nicely designed players for playing your DVDs with ease on Mac. A great looking interface and a huge amount of customizations are a few of the options you would find quite impressive. It is quite lightweight and works with ease even on the systems that have a lower configuration. It can double up as Blu-ray/ DVD player for Mac.


It has been treated to be one of the high-end DVD players with a perfect region free DVD player option. In fact, it can virtually play any of the DVDs and other media you throw at it. A seamless playback compatibility and a perfect TrueTheatre technology are a few features that make it the perfect solution ever. The complete on the go experience provided by the tool can now make it a great tool ever.


The Parting Thoughts


Picking a great DVD player for Mac can indeed be a tough task. There are a lot of options available, but you are not sure of which among them to pick. The ideal features you would want on an efficient DVD player can include ease of use, the ability to play a huge range of DVDs, and support for almost all possible disc and media formats.

DVDFab Player 6 truly lives up to your expectations in this context. You can either stay with the free version or go with the Pro version based on your exact requirements.