Table of Contents

Part 1: Can the Wii U play DVDs?
Part 2: How to Play DVDs on Wii U?
Part 3: Extended Reading – How to play Blu-rays on Wii U?
Part 4: Why Can't I Play Blu-ray or DVDs on a Wii U?
Part 5: What Method Should You Go With? 
Part 6: FAQs

Released by Nintendo, Wii U has been one of the prime options as a great gaming console ever. The gaming console has indeed caught the attention of the gaming community, but have you ever tried playing DVDs on Wii? Let us help you find how to play DVD on Wii. 


Can the Wii U play DVDs?

“Does Wii U play DVDs” or “Does the Wii U play DVDs” – that is one of the prime questions that most of us have come across quite frequently. The straight answer to that question would be that Wii U cannot play DVDs. 

The Nintendo does offer you support for several video-on-demand services such as YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and a wide range of options. But, it cannot play the content such as DVDs, movies/music stored on SD cards, USB hard drives, or other portable memory devices. The official Nintendo support page clearly states that. 

However, you can convert the DVD content into MP4 and play them on your Nintendo Wii U console if you are looking for the options for playing DVD on Wii U. 


How to Play DVDs on Wii U?

You can get access to the DVDs on Wii U by following a few select methods. You cannot play DVDs on Nintendo Wii U directly, but can rip the DVDs into a video format supported on the Wii U. 

Some of the methods that can be helpful in letting you play DVDs on Wii U or Wii can include a few of the following steps: 


Method 1: Use DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper can be one of the excellent options that can prove to be efficient and effective in letting you play DVDs on Wii U with ease and simple steps. You can rip your DVDs into video and audio formats of your choice. You can convert your DVDs into videos in different formats such as MP4 and MKV. 

can the wii u play dvds

What makes DVDFab DVD Ripper a great option to help you playing DVD on Wii U?

  • You can rip and convert your DVDs into a format supported on Wii.
  • You can even burn your DVDs to make them playable on multiple devices through device-specific pre-sets
  • Multiple video editing features that include trimming, copying, and other special effects. 
  • A very easy to use interface 
  • Upscale option for your videos from 480 p to 1080p and 1080p to 4K. 
  • Support for multiple formats such as MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and WMV
  • Compatibility with both Mac and Windows devices. 


How to rip your DVDs using DVDFab DVD Ripper? The steps here should help you do that:

  • Install DVDFab DVD Ripper 
  • Go to the Ripper module and load your DVD. 
  • Pick the AVI format from among the format options 

wii u play bluray

  • You can make use of the options for Advanced Settings and Video Edit features 
  • Once you have edited the video, export it to your output device. 


Method 2 – Play DVDs on Wii U with Homebrew Channel

Before you can move ahead to play DVDs on Wii U on the Homebrew channel, we would want to let you know that this is a risky option, should work most of the time. You also need to meet a few simple parameters before you can check out the method. 


You need the following essential requirements:

  • Nintendo Wii U console 
  • FAT/FAT32 formatted SD card
  • An SD card reader 
  • Homebrew channel installer
  • Media player compatible with commercial DVDs
  • DVDX app
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii
  • The Twilight Hack


The steps in how to play DVDs on Wii U with Homebrew channel can include 

Step 1: Install Homebrew Channel 

  • Connect the D card reader to your computer and copy the Private folder of Twilight Hack onto it. 
  • You also need to copy Homebrew Channel “boot.dol” file
  • Next, disconnect your SD card and insert it into the Wii U. 
  • If you have any games on Wii File Manager, delete the Zelda file. 
  • You can pick the right options for the Zelda versions among RVL-RZDE-0A-0 or RVL-RZDE-0A-2. 
  • Install Homebrew channel

Once it is installed, you can run the Homebrew channel just like any other channel on Wii U. 


Step 2 – Install DVD Player

Now you will need to install a DVD player to play DVD discs on Wii U. Simply Copy the DVDX app and DVD player directories and install it like any other app. 


Step 3: Play DVD

Insert a DVD into your Wii U and go back to the Homebrew channel. You can simply select the DVD menu from the DVD player menu and begin playing the content right away. Your movie or other content on the DVD should launch and you will begin enjoying the movie. 


Extended Reading – How to play Blu-rays on Wii U?

We could finally have an answer to the question - can Wii U play DVDs? However, have you ever given a thought to find if Wii U play Blu-rays? Just like Wii U cannot play DVDs, you would also find that it cannot play Blu-rays. 

Making a digital copy of the Blu-ray content can be one of the excellent options to help you get access to the Blu-ray compatibility on Wii U. There are a few cases where you would find that Wii U can be configured with the modified Blu-ray drive so that it can play Blu-rays, but that would indeed be a risky affair. 

The next best option should be to convert Blu-ray discs into a compatible format that can play on a Wii U console. You can use the software options such as DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper or Blu-ray Converter to convert the Blu-rays into an AVI or MP4 format. 


Why Can't I Play Blu-ray or DVDs on a Wii U?

Wii and Wii U were developed by Nintendo for fun and support video games. It is not a console designed to work with multimedia media. It does not play the media such as DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray discs, CD music discs, or movies/music stored on SD cards, USB hard drives. 

The Nintendo president Satoru Iwata officially stated that the Nintendo Wii U excludes the DVD and Blu-ray functionality on the player. He has clearly indicated that  “ The reason for that is that we feel that enough people already have devices that are capable of playing DVDs and Blu-ray, such that it didn't warrant the cost involved to build that functionality into the Wii U console because of the patents related to those technologies..”

In a way, that should be something practical in its own right. No one buys consoles like Wii U for playing DVDs or Blu-rays. 


What Method Should You Go With? 

As you would have found out already, there are a few workarounds to help you get access to DVD compatibility on Wii U. However, these methods tend to be just what they are – the workarounds. There is no specific way that can assist you to play DVDs directly on a Wii U console. The steps help you access the functionality, but you would not be able to get a full-fledged experience in playing the DVDs on Wii U. 

The right option that we would recommend you to opt for would be to check out the other options for playing DVDs such as opting for a good DVD Player device or a DVD player apps for your computer. That way, you can be assured of playing your DVDs exactly the way they have been designed for.



Can Wii U play DVDs?

No. You cannot play DVDs on Wii U. As per the official website, there is no possibility to play DVDs on a Wii U console. However, you will be able to play the videos from your DVDs by mean of opting for the different methods such as converting the DVD files into the compatible formats like MP4 or AVI that can be easily played on Wii U. You can use any DVD Converter or Ripper tools for the purpose. 

Does Wii U play Blu-ray discs?

Wii U can play Blu-rays if and only if you have converted it into a compatible format such as AVI. You can make use of the Blu-ray Ripper tools such as DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper for the purpose and then use the converted file to play it on Wii U. 

What is the Compatible Video format of Wii U?

Wii U can play digital video files from the SD card or even through a wireless connection. However, it may not be able to work with every file format currently available. You can work with a few specific file formats only, and the most compatible formats include AVI, MOV, MP4, and other video formats with MPEG codec.