Table of Contents

Part 1: How to Play Video_TS Files on Mac

Part 2: How to Play Video_TS on Windows

Part 3: Alternative TS. Video Player

Part 4: Why DVDFab Player 6 Remains the Best Multimedia Player?



When you copy a DVD movie to your PC without using a DVD Copy Software, most times, the movie is saved as a folder named Video_TS. Also, if you download movies from torrent sites, the movies may save as TS files. Hence, you need a video player that supports TS format to playback these videos. TS simply means Transport Stream, and it is the basic format of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Sadly, TS files cannot play on mobile devices; if you want to get a TS video to play on your mobile device, then you need to convert it to a digital media format using DVDFab DVD Ripper software.

This article explains how to play Video_TS files on Mac and Windows computers. It also lists the best TS Video Player.

Part 1: How to Play Video_TS Files on Mac


1. Using the DVD Player built-in utility


All MacBooks come with a built-in DVD player app that allows users to playback DVD files. This built-in DVD video player comes with the basic playback control tools and is capable of playing Video_TS files on Mac. The steps below explain how to use this built-in utility on MacBooks running macOS Catalina 10.15.

dvd player on Mac

Guide to play TS. Video:


  • Open the DVD Player app on your MacBook.
  • Go to Choose File >>> Open DVD Media , and browse your local storage to load the Video_TS file and start playing your DVD movie. 


In contrast, if the movie isn't saved on your local disc, maybe you bought a DVD movie and want to watch it on mac, below are the steps to follow.


  • Insert the DVD movie into your mac's DVD ROM
  • The built-in DVD player will launch automatically and start playing the disc.


However, if the DVD player app does not launch automatically, tap “Space Bar” after your MacBook has recognized the inserted disc.


If you were looking for how to play video_ts files on Mac, the steps are simply what you seek. Nevertheless, the built-in DVD player app on mac can't read protected discs or play video_ts folders that contain copy-protected movies. More so, it can't playback Blu-ray movies or discs. It comes with a lot of limitations you may find frustration at some times. You may want to look out for an alternative best TS video player software – DVDFab Player 6 for Mac.


Part 2: How to Play Video_TS on Windows


The built-in video player on Windows 10 is limited in several ways just like the DVD player app on mac. Also, this built-in video player does not support DVD menus and other important playback features you may love to use.


In contrast, DVDFab Player 6 is an advanced media player designed to meet all media playback needs. It is available for Windows and macOS. Using DVDFab Player 6, you will easily playback any video file – DVDs, Blu-ray, TS files, 4K movies, etc.


Using DVDFab Player 6

dvdfab player 6 video ts

DVDFab Player 6 is arguably the world best media player software. It is packed with many handy features and playback tools, as well as a cutting-edge hardware engine for maximal performance. There are two distinctively-designed playback modes supported by DVDFab Player 6; viz, TV Mode and PC Mode. Since you're looking for how to play a TS video folder; you need to select the PC mode on DVDFab Player 6.

Interestingly, the interface of DVDFab Player 6 is unique and presents a bunch of playback tools for seamless movie playback or streaming experience. DVDFab Player 6 allows you to stream from a source or load media files from your local storage. The all-new media player is best-in-the-class, keeping all your media in one place and in order.


How to play a TS video file using DVDFab Player 6

First things first, you need to download and install DVDFab Player 6 on your Windows PC, there's also a mac version for MacBook users. After you have installed the software, follow the steps below to play your DVD video.

dvdfab player 6 dvd


  • Launch DVDFab Player 6 and select PC Mode

  • From the left pane, select where to get the video_TS file

  • Select the directory where your DVD folder is saved and load the content to DVDFab Player 6

  • Start playing your video


You can quickly access the DVD menu or the switch to other titles on the disc. DVDFab Player 6 plays your video_TS movie in a clean interface.


Part 3: Alternative TS. Video Player

These software apps are worthy of mentioning; they can playback video_TS files and a variety of other video formats.


1. VLC Media Player


Hardly would there be a list for the best media player software without VLC being mentioned. It is an infamous multimedia player with support for various media codecs and formats. The VLC media can be used to play video_TS files on Mac and Windows computers. It presents an intuitive user interface, as well as features a bunch of handy playback tools for a seamless experience. More interestingly, VLC is a free media player software, and it doesn't have any paid version or premium feature(s).


2. GOM Player 

gom player

GOM Player is yet another impressive media player software for Windows PC users. This player can handle video_TS files, and it features an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface. Interestingly, GOM Player can run on old Windows versions (down to Vista). It is a nice alternative to VLC media; however, some extensive features of this player can only be activated when you upgrade to a paid version.


3. POT Player

pot player

Pot Player can be considered as one of the best TS Video Player software application. It can playback DVDs seamlessly and supports a variety of video formats. There’s a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version of this player; so, you can download the one that’s best fit for your PC specs. Interestingly, Pot Player is totally free, just like VLC, and you can bookmark exciting scenes from your DVD movie in just one click. This player is recommended for Windows 8, 7, and Vista users.


Part 4: Why DVDFab Player 6 Remains the Best Multimedia Player?

DVDFab Player 6 supports a wide variety of media formats and also plays 3D videos seamlessly. It is designed with a cutting-edge hardware engine and goes on to support menus for DVDs and Blu-rays. More so, the DVDFab Player 6 offers a modernized library where all your media files are properly arranged so you can access them quickly.


Top features of DVDFab Player 6


  • Plays DVDs, Blu-ray, 4k UHD: DVDFab Player 6 seamlessly plays original/premium movies up to 4K UHD on mac and Windows computers.

  • Media Manager for your local files: This media player software can act as a media manager for the audio and video files saved on your local disk. It allows you to access all the directories and folders on your local disk.

  • Hi-res audio : interestingly, DVDFab Player 6 supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master, and DTS:X to output lossless audio. 

  • Auto-download metadata : this 4k media player will automatically download accurate metadata for your audio and video files.



Apparently, this article has explained how to play TS videos on Mac and Windows computers using the best TS Video Player – DVDFab Player 6. If you want to send the video_TS file to your mobile phone, then you should use DVDFab DVD Ripper software to convert the file to a digital format.


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