best DVD and Blu-ray ISO players to play ISO files without limitation 

Table of Contents

Part 1: Best DVD and BD ISO Player: DVDFab Player 6
Part 2: How to Play ISO Files on PC and TV?
Part 3: Alternative Free BD ISO Player Software
Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

So, you've got a Blu-ray ISO file saved on your drive, and you're looking for how to play the content? Well, using a BD ISO player software, you can easily play ISO files without any stress. However, there are quite a bunch of Blu-ray ISO players out, but not all of them can works for playing back ISO files on your TV and/or PC. Thus, we are introducing the best DVD/Blu-ray ISO player software you can use on Mac and Windows computers – DVDFab Player 6.

This ISO player features the best, intuitive interface and works perfectly for TV playback or PC playback. It goes on to support 4K UHD and HDR10, which makes it the go-to general purpose media player for everyone. Confused about the 4K resolution? Learn more about the resolution revolution from 480p to 4K and even 16K.


Best DVD and BD ISO Player: DVDFab Player 6


DVDFab Player 6 is arguably the world’s best 4K UHD player software; it is built with state-of-the-art hardware architecture and comes with handy features for playing back media files. This ISO player supports menu on Blu-rays and outputs lossless audio, thanks to Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master, and DTS:X audio techs. 

Simply put, DVDFab Player 6 is a versatile media player that’s capable of playing back any media file you throw to it. Below is the detailed guide on how to play BD ISO files using DVDFab Player 6. Besides, it is also a great H264 or H265 player.


How to Play ISO Files on PC and TV?


DVDFab Player 6 is equipped with dual playback modes for PC (small screens) and TV (larger screens). It lets you playback ISO files seamlessly, and on any screen you choose.


How do I Play a Blu-ray ISO on My PC | Play ISO Files on Windows 10

First things first, you need to download and install DVDFab Player 6 on your Windows 10 computer; nevertheless, this software media player has a Mac version for MacBook users. Apparently, DVDFab Player 6 is the best ISO player for Mac. After installation, follow the steps below:

First Step

dvdfab player

Launch DVDFab Player 6 and select PC mode from the main interface. This will take you the distinctively designed PC playback interface packed with sophisticated features and tools.

Second Step


Look to the left pane and click on the "File Explorer" option under “My Computer” section. This will launch Windows file explorer so you can browse through your local disc and import the ISO file you want to playback.

You can also click on “Desktop,” “Downloads,” or “Videos” to quickly upload your BD ISO files if saved on any of those folders.

Third Step


Start playing your ISO Blu-ray movie. DVDFab Player 6 supports menu on Blu-rays and also provides a variety of playback tools.

What more about Playing ISO file on Windows 10?

DVDFab Player 6 is the best ISO player for Windows 10. It can playback any BD ISO file you throw at it. More so, this player supports a wide range of other video formats and discs.


Can I Play BD ISO Files on TV? | Best ISO Media Player for TV


If you wish to watch the content of your BD ISO file on TV, DVDFab Player 6 supports a well-designed TV mode that's perfect for your playback. The steps below explain how to play BD ISO files on larger screens (TVs) with DVDFab Player 6.

First Step:

media player for tv

Launch DVDFab Player 6 and select TV Mode from the main interface. This will take you the uniquely designed TV playback mode supported by the player.

Second Step:

playback mode

On the TV playback mode, quickly go to the “Settings” page, then toggle to “Playback,” and set the UHD/Blu-ray playback mode to “Menu Mode.” You can also change other settings here and then return to the main TV playback interface to select the BD ISO file.

Third Step:

smart view

Click on “My Computer” to browse your local disk for the ISO files you wish to playback with DVDFab Player 6. Select the BD ISO file and load it to DVDFab Player 6 – the file will start playing on the connected big-screen monitor / TV. To access the menu options, simply right-click your PC mouse and toggles the options.

What More about Playing ISO file on TV?

DVDFab Player 6 makes it possible to play ISO files on small and big screen displays (monitors and TVs). It is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Plus, it comes with best-suited interfaces for the dual playback modes it supports.

Other impressive features of DVDFab Player 6 include HDR10 support, hi-res audio quality, smart view for non-DVD/Blu-ray movies, multifunctional media library, and quite many more. There are quite other software BD ISO players that may act as alternatives to DVDFab Player 6. 


Alternative Free BD ISO Player Software


1. VLC Player

vlc player

The VLC Media Player remains one of the most popular multifunctional video player with support for various formats and codecs. It can act as a reliable free BD ISO player; however, it doesn’t support most of the features you’ll find on DVDFab Player 6.

VLC provides an easy to understand interface with the essential playback tools you need to enjoy your movies on PC. If you’re not so interested in menus, then you can substitute DVDFab Player 6 with the VLC media player – it is also available for macOS and Windows.

2. VideoSolo Blu-ray Player


VideoSolo Blu-ray Player is an advanced video player software that supports to play ISO files on windows 10. It provides an intuitive, easy to understand interface with a couple of impressive BD playback tools. This BD ISO player is available for Windows and MacBook users. However, DVDFab Player 6 beats this software with HDR10 support, advanced library, dual playback modes, etc.

Interestingly, VideoSolo Blu-ray Player supports capturing snapshots as your movie is playing, as well as comes with GPU acceleration hardware for optimal performance. It can play all kinds of Blu-ray files and discs.

3. Amazing Share Blu-ray Player

amazing share

The BD ISO Player is available for FREE for Windows OS users. It is a handy software that allows you to quickly load ISO files and watch your premium videos seamlessly. This software player doesn’t support playback modes but presents an intuitive interface for BD playback.

If you’re looking for how to play ISO files on windows 10 for free, then you should consider this software.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can PS3 play ISO files?

Yes, PS3 can read ISO files because they are practically discs in visual form. However, you will need a media server application to actualize this process. PS3 supports a wide variety of formats – ISO is among the supported formats.

2. How to play ISO files on PS3?

A little technicality is required to get your ISO file to play on PlayStation 3. However, here are the steps:

  • Launch your Media Server App

  • Go to “Library” and choose to upload a new item or file.

  • Browse through your storage and select the ISO file

  • Check if PS3 is selected as your playback device.

  • Now boot the PlayStation 3 console and log in to your account.

  • Navigate to the “Video” menu using the arrow keys

  • Also, use arrow keys to select your media server.

  • Finally, select the ISO file and start watching on PS3.

3. How to play an ISO file on Windows 10?

Install DVDFab Player 6 on the computer, launch the program, and choose a convenient playback mode (TV Mode or PC Mode), browse your local disk, and select the ISO file to start playing.