Various Modes to Enjoy DVD on Laptop or TV

With this best free all region DVD player, you can not only play a DVD on laptop, but also enjoy it on your TV as this DVD player software offers 2 modes to choose: PC Mode and TV Mode.

You can play all kinds of DVD regardless of their regions, working best as a region 1 DVD or region 2 DVD player. Enjoying DVD on your laptop wherever you are and turning your room into a cozy home theater are just a piece of cake.

Multiple Playback Support for Different Sources

This Best All Region DVD Player support versatile source files, including DVD discs, ISO or folder files, Blu-ray discs as well as 4k media files.


For specific features of All Region DVD Player, check the following list:

DVD Discs

This Best All Region DVD Player can play all kinds of DVD discs, including the protected and region restricted ones.

ISO Playback

This best DVD Player software can play ISO files directly and save DVD disc from the optical drive to local as ISO file for movie backup on your laptop easily.

DVD Folder

You can import DVD folder into The Best All Region DVD Player and play the file easily just on your laptop.

Video Playback

It supports all kinds of video formats as well, including but not limited to the mainstream ones like MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, M2TS, etc.

3D Playback

3D video or disc are also within the capacity range of this best free DVD player software, with this 3D media player as the support, you won’t waste your 3D TV at home!

H.265 Support

Playback H.265 video easily with clearer and sharper image quality delivered for your pleasant movie experience.

4K Player

This free DVD Player can even work as a 4k player to playback 4K content, either as a 4k Blu-ray player or 4k DVD player to deliver crystal clear image for a feast for eyes and ears.

Blu-ray Playback

Blu-ray disc, ISO and folder files are also supported! Backed by the all-in-one DVD player with versatile source support, you can play all kinds content as you like.

Manage Local Media Files by Poster Wall

If you have saved a lot of movie or music files on your laptop, this best free DVD Player could manage your local movie or music files by poster walls or music cover images, thus you could search by titles if you’d like to play them, a great feature to have as a movie and music enthusiast. Besides, it would download the movie posters or metadata of music automatically online once connected to Internet to preserve that key information in your precious collection.
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Menu Navigation on the Movie Freely

With this free All Region DVD Player you can playback all kinds of movies with menu navigation, thus you are free to adjust the part you’d like to skip and jump to next, besides, you can easily choose subtitles or audio channels as you like with the menu navigation feature. You are in better control of your own movie world!

4k UHD Player with Preview Function

You can even play 4k UHD discs with this best free DVD player for laptop, or connect with your 4k TV to immerse yourself in the 4k movie world and turn your living room into a home theater! Thus it works very well as a Dolby Vision Blu-ray Player. Besides that, you could even preview the movie with the newly-released preview function, there would be thumbnails presented to you for deciding watch or not.

A Multi-functional DVD Player

ALL Sources Supported  

Work great as an all region DVD, Blu-ray, 4k Ultra HD player, and it supports all kinds of video formats including MP4, MKV, MOV, and you name it.

Media File Manager

Manage your media files on laptop automatically without a hassle to create a clean and well-organized media library for you to search easily.

Multiple Payback Modes

Play your file with multiple playback modes, PC Mode, TV Mode, Menu Mode, or Main Movie Mode, all oriented for great audio-visual experience.

Play DVD on Laptop with All Region DVD Player

Step 1.Launch the Best All Region DVD Player and insert the DVD disc

Step 2. Choose PC Mode for playing the DVD

Step 3. Start watching the movie and navigate it freely

User Voice

It’s pretty easy to connect this software with my newly purchased HDR TV, a really good way to enjoy movie just at home, love it.


Los Anglos

I’ve been looking for a multi-functional all region DVD player for a long time and tried many other software, none of them has given me such convenience and great experience. I would keep using it.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a free DVD player for Windows 10?


Right, this isn’t just a DVD player for TV, it is also a great DVD player Windows 10 users can use. It works very well as the best free DVD player for Windows 10 that you can play all kinds of files including DVD, Blu-ray, 4k UHD discs, ISO, folder as well as video files directly.

2. Can this Software work as a Blu-ray Player Software?


Yes, it is not only a free DVD player, it is more than that. This DVD player software for laptop could also work as a Blu-ray player software to playback all kinds of Blu-ray discs and files. And it is also a great 4k Blu-ray player software.

3. Can this DVD Player Software Play Protected and Region Restricted DVDs?


Right. This best free DVD Player could bypass the restrictions and protections to playback those protected and region restricted DVDs directly. That would be great feature as most of the commercial DVDs have some kind of protection that could only be played on certain players. Read more about Best CRPM DVD Player.

4. Can I Create a Playlist for Watching with this DVD Player Software?


This DVD player software support playlist creation for watching, and there is a playlist feature very convenient if you are a binge watcher for a TV series or just followed a music artist to listen all of its collection.

5. Is this Best All Region DVD Player Free to Use its All Features?


This Best DVD Player offers a 30-day free trial period during which time you can use all its features for totally free. However, after that period, this DVD player software would automatically turn into a free version software that you can play certain content with it as well. But for features like playing Blu-rays, 4k UHD discs, you need to make a purchase for its premium plan. .

Best All Region DVD Player

Download the free trial version to start watching DVD on your laptop.


System Requirements


Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or MacOS 10.10 - 10.15

2GB of RAM

A Blu-ray Drive

Core 2 Quad or above

Internet connection required for some features

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